Sunday, 21 August 2005



漫言春去盡飄篷,何必怨東風?艷質天成,瓊姿渾就,風月為誰濃? 輕塵不染明心鏡,玉貌少愁容。鬢亂釵橫,梨花欲墜,鎮日樂融融。

朱門孝女盡宮娥,殿閣葬絲蘿。參差一念,縈懷半世,深苑暗蹉跎。 爭鋒莫問非和是,氣燄奪閻羅。玉碎珠沉,始終無悔,烈魄映婆娑。


  1. I wish more of your blog was in English... how did you learn to write it so perfectly?

  2. Thanks guys.

    Omni, thanks for your kind words. Not sure which kind of writing you're referring to, but the credit should go to my teachers and reading all through these years. I'll try to write more in English when the appropriate issues or topics come up.


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