Sunday, 15 October 2006

Give Me A Break... Undisturbed Please!

Weekends during which I could go hiking, swimming, writing, watching DVDs or working out in a gym now seem a remote reality. I have already forgotten for how many weekends I have been working from morning till evening. An iron-red cauldron of annoyance and fury has never been boiling so violently inside me, ready to erupt any time like a devastating volcano.

I am ready to burn anything in front of me into ashes. No questions asked.

Unfortunately, I know better than anyone else that this is life and little, if any at all, can be done about it. There is no one to blame or to complain against. Everyone has been working hard on their jobs and so have I. But at a time when five different journalists from the same media outlet called me within a week on the same issue, I just couldn't help wondering why I'm always the one who respond to their enquiries.

I don't understand why things always happen over the weekend and I'm the only person stuck in front of my computer at home. Even if I don't have any specific plan or appointment over the weekend, I would like to stay away from work and enjoy some leisure time on my own. This is the balance of life that I strongly believe everyone are entitled to have.

Unlike many technology companies have proclaimed in their advertising campaigns, technology nowadays are not making things easier but making work far more accessible than it should be. Mobile phones and emails on Blackberry are perhaps the most notorious inventions that keep people at work 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Physical distances make no more sense and people just can't get away from the labyrinth of calls and emails every now and then, wherever they are. This is exactly why so many people are suffering from all those kind of mental illness these days. This is also why I'm still not convinced to have a trendy 3G mobile phone or Blackberry or digital personal assistant or for that matter, as many people out there want me to have. I just don't want to spend another grand or two to make my life even more miserable.

I know I don't have the privilege to complain when compared to those from the grassroots who are left unemployed or are made to work 12 hours every single day to make their ends barely meet. But I have no intention to make anyone feel bad. All I need is a good and undisturbed rest to refresh myself, both mentally and physically. I simply want to vent my fatigue, fury and frustration. Otherwise I would have joined thousands and millions of mentally ill patients within a day or two.

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