Saturday, 27 January 2007

What Are You Guys Doing?

To begin with, I must say that I have been indifferent to the ongoing but tasteless drama of the so-called election of the next chief executive of Hong Kong.

While Civic Party legislator Alan Leong's candidacy is by all means respectable, I remain to be convinced why I should vote for him if I were eligible to cast my ballot.

To me, the senior counsel has adopted a surprisingly pathetic strategy that will ultimately lead him to nowhere. Why he should waste his time smearing at a coward that dares to exploit every single bit of his official entitlements for his own benefit but dares not to admit it through his lips when everybody has already seen what happened with his/her eyes?

In my opinion, Mr Leong should have really focused on soliciting the sufficient number of nominations from the 800-member Election Committee that would substantiate his "mission impossible" to challenge the arrogant Sir Donald. It is good for Mr Leong to keep the Hong Kong citizens informed of what he has been doing, but he seems to have wasted considerable time and energy on something that he shouldn't have given a damn.

Let me also vent my growing resentment against Sir Donald, who proclaimed that he is fed on water of Hong Kong and therefore the blood of Hong Kong flows inside his body on the day of his appointment as the chief interim executive of Hong Kong. Even though I was born and bred here with a strong sense of belonging to Hong Kong and can kind of share his feelings, I couldn't help having an icy shiver down my spine upon hearing his speech. What a shamelessly disgusting propaganda! There are a million ways to confess one's passion but Sir Donald's was sheer affectation that has made him nothing but a laughing stock.

His recent visit to his election office during working hours has again revived my anger and frustration. Of course I believe that he won't get himself into trouble by abiding all the laws and regulations related to his mute running for a second term, he made a very common but stupid mistake to offend the emotions of the people of Hong Kong. We are all human beings with strong emotions but Sir Donald seems to be too busy and complacent to bother with what we really think about him. As a person or an organisation that is always perceived as the strong and powerful, just being compliant with the law is far from enough to build and sustain a positive image and relationship with the community. Humans are all animals of emotions. But for some reasons the senior officials and billionaires in town often overlook the importance of addressing people's concerns and emotions before anything else.

Li Ka-shing and his supermarket chain PARKnSHOP's disinterested and defensive remarks on the oil fish scandal yet provide another perfect example of their heartless egotism.

Worse still, those crooks seem to be supported by a whole bunch of people from all walks of life, for whatever reasons that I can't be bothered less. Perhaps they have been working so closely and their interests have been interwoven so tightly that they have made it even more difficult for Hong Kong to take bold reforms for the benefit of our next generations.

For example, former radio host Albert Cheng who was elected into the Legislative Council for his aggressive and populist style on air, published a shameless defence for Sir Donald in his column on today's South China Morning Post.

He began his column with the following statements:

"While hosting a radio phone-in programme, I made frequent scathing criticisms of former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa. That was because under Mr Tung's incompetent rule, Hong Kong people suffered severe hardship, collusion between the government and business was commonplace; and the gap between the rich and the poor kept widening.

"Donald Tsang Yam-kuen brought great changes when he replaced Mr Tung in 2005. Not only has the economy recovered, but the unemployment rate has dropped substantially. Share prices have reached new highs and the property market has become stable."

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read these. The local economy did not pick up as a result of the marvellous policies made by the chief executive and his cabinet but a combination of factors. Attributing the economic success to the great leadership of one single person is just unacceptable. In what era does Mr Cheng think we are? The dynastic times when everyone looks up to a benevolent and capable monarch who treats his subjects as his children?

Moreover, collusion between the Government and business and the widening wealth gap remain burning issues that must be addressed urgently. The problems will not go away by themselves when the head of government changes.

By the way, Mr Cheng, do you remember when Sir Donald told the legislators two weeks ago that Gini Coefficient, the globally recognised measure of inequality of wealth, does not necessarily apply to Hong Kong? Oh, of course you don't, I beg your pardon. You probably were too busy to attend that question-and-answer session at the Legislative Council.

I really wonder why the local media and political commentators often jump on the bandwagon to make stupid and trivial criticisms of whoever happens to have stuck out his/her head. Perhaps it is my fault to have expected them to keep an eye on the honourable legislators who have been wasting taxpayers' time money on their distasteful and long-winded quarrels in the meeting hall.

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