Saturday, 17 February 2007

A Special New Year's Eve

This is my first working Lunar New Year's Eve that I have ever had.

Even though I did not achieve as much as expected other than attending a constructive meeting at the client's office, I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for myself to have missed most of the first day of the Lunar New Year holidays, during which I have a long list of personal stuff to complete.

I thought I would have been mature and sensible enough to live up with it. My seniors had to work too, and they obviously worked longer hours than I did. Thousands and millions of people out there are in similar situations. I am never alone. Yet there is still a considerable level of unhappiness dragging along inside me that was unable to be eradicated after a great workout.

Perhaps I am just not as mature and professional as I thought of myself. But I am not sure if I should beef up my emotional quotient or just to live up with the internal conflict of sense and sensibility that seems to have come with my birth rather than something that I picked up from someone.

In any case, I do hope things will go smoothly in the next two weeks without disrupting my personal schedule too much, although I have already launched a self-persuasion campaign that there is a great possibility that something is going to happen and my Arts Festival programmes will have to be written off.

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