Monday, 28 May 2007

Just A Matter of Respect

Respect seems to be a buzzword that everyone touts on their lips but only a few truly understand how to put it into action.

Showing respect is by no means anything complicated. Saying "please" and "thank you" to a restaurant waiter or waitress or anyone who gives you a service is the easiest gesture that we have been taught since childhood. Yet not every one of us is willing to do so.

Keeping one's family, friends and workmates informed of his/her whereabouts is certainly another. Yet so many people out there believe that this is an intrusion into their privacy and should be ignored.

Understandably this represents some sort of sacrifice of personal freedom, but we can never live in a vacuum, even for someone who enjoys being alone like me. In my opinion, walking away from one's work without telling his/her colleagues that he/she will be absent be it just for a day or two, is by all means a reflection of sheer irresponsibility. Colleagues in the same team are not obliged to tidy up whatever mess that is left behind. Worse still, the lack of knowledge of a team mate's absence can be truly annoying and frustrating, simply because people would have no clue when and where to pick things up.

Isn't it a ridiculous irony for people engaged in the communications business to behave without respect and responsibility, at least for their workmates? Perhaps some people nowadays are too busy to remember that communications is all about respect. If we don't have respect for the people we want to speak with, why bother to initiate the communication process in the first place? Why do we need to come up with communication strategies that work best for our target audience?

Successful communications are not built on juicy content or flowery tongues but the foundation of mutual respect and responsibility that makes the dialogue credible and acceptable. More importantly, communications are not just engaged in words but also in behaviour. In most cases actions speak louder than words, so does the old saying go.

It is always easier to destroy than to build. So is respect. Without respect, there is no trust. Without trust, no communication is meaningful.


  1. 從7年前葛蘭、樂蒂的網站開始,就看妳的文字,我們還通過電郵的。
    我也有Blog在Sina 和Blogspot,歡迎來訪。

  2. 謝謝你,Chris。歡迎多來作客,請多指教,不勝感激。

  3. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Hey C - I don't read your blog regulary, just saw this. what happened? Was it me? - gee


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