Sunday, 10 June 2007

Retrospect of a Decade (Introduction)

Those who read both Chinese and English may ask why I chose to write the same retrospect in Chinese and English. However, it is not my intention to produce an English translation of my retrospect of important issues in the past decade or vice versa. This is meant to be a personal experiment to explore my thoughts on the same issues in two languages with completely different roots, which have made who I am and what Hong Kong is today.

Despite the long-time study and daily usage of these languages throughout the decades, I have a strong feeling that I don't really know enough about them and what they truly stand for in cultural and philosophical terms. The objective of this small experiment is to confirm whether the intrinsic and unique characteristics of both languages would have any impact on the perspectives or the approach that the issues are presented and discussed.

Pardon me for my complacence, but this exercise is also meant to be an attempt to help fill the gap in English discussions on Hong Kong issues from local and non-academic perspectives. How boring and disappointing it is to see that important issues such as the impact of Web 2.0 on the governance of Hong Kong as shown in the Star Ferry pier demolition last December has been vigorously discussed in Chinese but not English. How can we still cling to high-sounding position of Asia's world city if we don't bother or are unable to share our thoughts with our foreign friends in the international language that we have been learning for generations?

How boring it is to see that the local scholars, columnists and commentators are showing off theoretical terms from the West as if they can't express themselves meaningfully without throwing those big words in the face of readers. At a time when the world has become flat, it is equally important to share our genuine thoughts with friends around the world rather than following the notorious copycat formula. Isn't it?


  1. Anonymous8:01 am

    Are you interested in running for a seat in the legislative council next year??

  2. Of course not. I don't think I have any confidence in the lawmakers who are mostly baby-boomers themselves. Nor do I have any confidence that one or two newbies like myself to the legislature would be able to achieve anything under the current circumstances.


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