Friday, 20 July 2007

Retrospect of a Decade (Part 5)

Few would dispute the importance of health. Yet the same few would genuinely take health seriously and make preventive efforts to keep fit until they are bitterly stricken by all sorts of sicknesses.

I am no exception.

There were simply too many reasons to blind - or more precisely, cheat - me from addressing the potential health hazards, which are actually landmines that could explode any time without any prior notice.

Over the past decade I have experienced such serious threats to health that I wouldn't have ever expected to happen to me. Even after three years, I'm still not quite sure whether those terrible things were but a dragged-on nightmare.

While people nowadays are swamped with information about all sorts of health hazards, don't let all the information floating around mislead you to nowhere. Stress can only be blamed if you have make an absolutely honest confession to address its causes and, more importantly, take concrete steps to manage the stress of different roots.

This is especially true in the management of emotions or psychological health. The same rationale applies to the maintenance of physiological health too, although most of us will entrust medical practitioners to prescribe treatments when we're in serious trouble. In any case, self-discipline and determination is the critical success factor.

A mixture of factors, which is not uncommon nowadays, is even more complicated and thus requires even stronger commitment and determination.

Every person is a unique individual who can find no replicate in this world. Therefore a strategy that works perfectly for me could be useless for someone else. This is also why strong commitment and determination is required - nobody on earth understands yourself better than you do and professionals, the closest friends and relatives can only give advice to their best knowledge of yourself. From an absolutely utilitarian point of view, they have no obligation or capability to help you restore your health. The most decisive and significant success factor, from my experience, is one's own resolution.

If you're not determined to eradicate the problem, it won't go away. People around you can do little to help.

A lonely and enduring battle as it may seem, the taste of victory at the end of the game always justifies the efforts throughout the process. It is also a kind of challenge of life that provides perfect training of a tough mind, strong physique and self-cultivation.

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