Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Great Birthday Gift

There is no better birthday gift than reading good things about someone whom I love.

Today, despite the lumbar back pain, which earns me two more day-offs on sick leave next week, I received the latest copy of Muse Magazine, in which Rosetta Lui wrote a review of Anita Mui's Faithfully Anita Mui, a three-CD compilation of her popular works.

I can't agree more with what the writer said about Anita's remarkable but underrated singing, which has often been neglected or overlooked by a bunch of visual-driven spectators and industry players who pay little attention to vocals. Just to copy a few words from the two-page review that I can never articulate at the same level of eloquence:

"If Bruce Lee breathes new life into Chinese kung fu by turning it into part psychological drama, part visual spectacle, Anita revolutionises Cantopop by 'externalising' and 'acting out' the feelings and emotions that the melodies and lyrics of the songs only hint at and never fully articulate."

"Anita's stage performances were incomparable. This often eclipses the fact that she was one of the greatest vocalists that have lent their voices to Cantopop. James Wong spoke for many when he said that of all the great songstresses who had covered the classic The Tears of a Lover, only Anita sang it in a way that made him cry."

"Anita regarded herself as a woman who sings for a living, and her greatest talent as a vocalist lay in her ability to turn melancholy into art, primal scream into poetry and sobbing into singing. In that, she should be compared to the great French singer Edith Piaf."

"Anita might have basked in fame in her prime, but she never accumulated power. With each song and each performance, she gave away everything she had. This almost selfless dedication to her chosen profession is what made her final performances, given at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 2003 as Anita Classics Moments Live Concert a couple of months before her death, so heartbreaking and fitting at the same time."

To be honest, I have nothing else to add. This is the best tribute to Anita I have ever read.


  1. Hi, where can I buy the magazine?

  2. You can go to Commercial Press to see if they have the latest issue. Not sure if it is available at news stalls though because I subscribe to it.

    You can check out their web site or call 852 2541 1207 for more details.

  3. I've got one from Jumbo Grade today.

    Many thx and wishing you happy B-day!


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