Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Arrogance for No Reason

Just delivered a long-planned project yesterday. Thank God everything went pretty smoothly and the result was more than what we expected. The client also appreciates our efforts throughout.

What intrigues me most though is how some people in the project behave. I have come across many different people in my current job, but only until recently have I ever met arrogant and ill-mannered people like those.

I found myself boiling with anger when those guys completely ignored my colleagues as if they were not there. They didn't even have a glimpse of my colleagues except throwing a few cunning stares from afar. I really wonder what they were thinking in their heads. It is by no means a proper way of treating people, especially when you are meeting them for the first time. On what grounds do you think you are superior? Just because you are the client? Or just because you do not agree that we should be engaged in the first place?

While I was really pissed off when those guys deliberately refused to treat my colleagues with respect when we supported the event on-site earlier yesterday, I can't help sympathising them for failing to recognise how big this world is and how little we, human beings, no matter how capable we are, can achieve. Looking down upon someone for no reason but the fact that we are commissioned consultants is by no means cool or sensible. It simply shows how uneducated and unprofessional they are.

What a contrast it was when a senior member of those guys, a well-respected and deeply experienced former journalist, greeted our team politely as soon as she saw us. Interestingly, those guys do not seem to respect their new colleague as much as she deserves either. This is the typical factionalism and protectionism at work that I am most sick of.

Unfortunately this is also something that comes with human nature that few organisations would be immune. It is a question of extent rather than existence. I just hope God would grant me more emotional preparedness and skilfulness in dealing with those stupid creatures and, more importantly, fewer chances of running into them on all fronts of my life.

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