Monday, 16 March 2009

Broken Record

Now I know 10 days have passed since I last updated my blog. But it seems like 100 days or more.

Today I broke my personal record again - staying awake for work for 28 hours with only 2.5 hours of sleep and no coffee at all.

Some 10 years ago when I first set the record of the sleepless 28 hours, countless cups of coffee were drenched down my throat.

Thank God that the notorious headache hasn't stricken me. But I could feel something like a grill stone sizzling hot inside.

The alarm bell rings immediately. I shall never drive my liver too hard. There are serious consequences that I can't afford to shoulder.

On the spiritual side, how much I miss the days when I could relax on weekends with friends, although they were just a couple of days away.

It's just Monday and I can't help looking forward to the weekend – one without work but some quiet moments for myself.

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