Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Second Dream Comes True

Excited. Overwhelmed. Somewhat frenzied. Simply overjoyed.

All because I just received the admission notification in writing. From this September I will become a full-time student again, but even better still, a full-time student in history. The papers in my hands simply smell better than usual.

I can't really remember when this dream first came to mind and how long I have been waiting for the right time to make it come true. The excitement and overwhelming happiness just reminds me of how I felt when I received the undergraduate admission slip pretty much the same time 19 years ago. Perhaps this is something only comparable to getting the jackpot of Mark Six, which is of course so much more out of reach for its sheer dependence on pure luck.

I owe my family and friends a heartfelt gratitude for their support that eventually reinforced my confidence to take this bold decision. Perhaps I may sound like someone grabbing a Oscar Academy Award, but this is certainly a remarkable milestone in the course of my life.

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  1. Anonymous9:36 pm

    What a great news! Congratulations!

    Wishing you all the best in this new adventure!



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