Monday, 23 August 2010

What a Black Day

At least seven Hong Kong tourists who were held hostage on a coach in Manila today died in the horrible bloodshed that drew the curtains of the 11-hour drama. Two others were seriously injured and are still struggling to survive. Some seniors and children were released earlier the day, however.

Tonight there were heavy downpours in Hong Kong as if God were weeping.

May God have mercy on the victims and their families.

May I ask the media to respect the victims and their families at such a hard time and stop harassing them for stories? Notwithstanding the low chance of disgusting pictures on the front pages, I would like to call on newspaper editors to think twice before they decide which photos to be published.

May I also ask those who criticise how incompetent the Filipino police had been to stop talking and pointing fingers? What really matters is the well-being of the victims and their families. They need help and prayers and we should spare no time to give a hand.

It had been a sad day for all of us. But it is by no means any excuse for more abuse.

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