Friday, 11 March 2011

Earthquake Hits Again

Today at 1:46 pm (Hong Kong time) an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude - 8.9 in Richter scale - hit Sendai of northeast Japan. Powerful waves caused by tsunami engulfed homes, offices and farms. Roads were buried under water when cars, boats and ferries were drifting along and hitting buildings and piers of bridges and flyovers. Fires broke out at oil refineries, nuclear plants were shut down and thus electricity was suspended. Trains stopped service and the Sendai airport was closed.

Tokyo was also badly hit with panicking people running out of the buildings to seek safe shelter. The underground service was suspended. Airports at Narita and Haneda were also closed but one of them is now open.

Watching the tsunami on television refreshes memories of the great tsunami on 26 December 2006 that caused a grave loss of thousands of lives in Southeast Asia. It also reminds us of the heart-breaking earthquake that hit Sichuan almost three years ago.

Two months have barely passed this year and we have already witnessed three major earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, then Yunnan of China, and now Japan.

Do these earthquakes have anything to say about God and His message for humanity? I have no idea. Let's pray for the victims of earthquakes and plead His mercy. After all, we are but arrogant creatures who have boasted too much about what we can achieve over all these years. If anything, natural disasters can sometimes be a brutal reminder of how helpless we can be. We must change our attitude and be humble in our facing with the mighty nature.