Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Next Steps

Nearly four months have passed since I re-started working after completing a year of historical study. As I settle in, I can't help contemplating what the next steps should be.

For many years there has always been a long list of plans and projects in my mind, although very few of them, unfortunately, could ever become reality. Long-term priorities are yet on another list of the must-dos.

Despite all the setbacks, challenges and frustrations over the past few years, at least there is one thing for which I should be grateful - alarming signals reminding me to re-evaluate and re-define what my priorities should be. I am even more grateful that I had an opportunity to take a meaningful and rewarding break, during which I could sort out my thoughts and get better prepared for the days and years ahead.

Although the workload during the peak season in the next couple of weeks and months remains uncertain, it seems more manageable than what I used to have. If this were truly how things turn out, then it should not be too much of aggression to pursue the next goal on the priority list. When it comes to a commitment of six to eight years in a row, however, I still think I'm not confident and resolute enough to say yes at this point of time. For some reason I have very little confidence in my preparations so far. Despite all the time and effort spent on the research, I have absolutely no idea whether my proposal is going to sell. Worse still, I have yet to figure out how it can be improved. Perhaps I just need to be a bit more patient to see what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks and months before making up my mind. Perhaps all I need, after all, is just an irresistible trigger just like what I had two years ago.

But most recently there emerges another warning from within. Over the past few days I found myself extremely tired and therefore hard to concentrate, as if the brain has gone on strike. No matter how much or how little I slept, I still felt far from being fully recovered. I'm not sure if it happens because I have driven myself a bit too hard in jogging over the past three weeks. I'm not sure either if it has anything to do with other hidden causes. Physical fitness and mental power are now very important to me, not just for my overall well-being but also determinant to whether the next goal could ever be accomplished. At the same time, I must admit that I do enjoy the recent carefree status. Spending time on no-brainers such as working out, going to the cinema, meeting friends and even blogging at home is genuinely soothing and comforting. It seems questionable whether I'm now physically and mentally fit enough to take up the next challenge that is going to drag on for six to eight years.

This is how I get stuck between the long-standing desire of achieving something and the immediate advantage of having a more relaxed and balanced life.


  1. Anonymous11:12 am


    1. 千里之行, 始於足下. 開了頭, 路自會出現. 萬一"此路不通", 可再開蹊徑, 以君之聰慧, 何愁不成? 即不成, 過程亦一體驗也.

    2. 腦力不振, 除適當休息外(晚上最遲十一時就寢), 可考慮服用"類胡蘿蔔素"(我是服用Amway的, 效果不錯, 且無副作用), 植物蛋白質與維生素B亦有幫助.

    3. 多創作, 能維持腦筋靈活; 每周二次, 每次不少於二三分鐘之帶氧運動, 持之有恆, 大有裨益. (我於兩年前開始作如上運動, 體質現已大大改善)


  2. 謝謝天勇兄鼓勵。第一步寫研究計劃,已感不易,數易其稿,自己尚未滿意。希望今年底前完成,不要像去年一樣錯過了。至於能否成功,只好聽天由命。

  3. Anonymous2:10 pm

    遲睡最大的問題是: 十一時至一時是身體修補肝腎功能的時間, 錯過了, 肝腎就會長期受損害. 所以有些人晚睡, 一睡十多小時, 依然是不夠精神. (補都補唔翻), 稍為有幫助的, 是在上午十一時至午後一時作一小睡. (在中醫來說, 這是"子午覺").

    我另一習慣, 是以有蓋的瓶子裝了溫水放在床頭, 一早起來, 第一件事是喝光這水, 這可以幫助排毒 (然後才漱口), 持之以恆, 很有好處. (據說如在漱口後再喝一杯清水, 可以養顏, 不過對我似沒有太大關係了, 呵呵)


  4. 受教了。我盡量試試看。


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