Thursday, 10 October 2013

Happy Birthday, Anita!

Dearest Anita,

Happy birthday! Hope you will have a great time with your sister Ann and all your lovely buddies up there.

Not sure if you are aware, some green groups have been advocating vegetarianism these days to reduce the carbon footprint of Hong Kong. The campaign is called "Green Monday", calling on people to go vegetarian every Monday. This is certainly a good cause and some of my friends and colleagues are supporting it.

As you know, I am never a herbivore. It had taken me enormous courage and determination to have the first conscious bite of greens. Although now I am still far from being a vegetarian, it is no longer a problem for me to have a full vegetarian meal whenever I feel like doing so.

On this special day of yours, I am trying to go for an extra mile to have three, instead of one, as in previous years, vegetarian meals. Just for you, a devout Buddhist as we all know. Even though coming home late last night, I managed to boil some spinach, shredded colour peppers and udon noodles and mix them with sesame sauce. No idea for dinner tonight yet, and it has to be a quick one. Any suggestion? Perhaps a bowl of plain congee to go with a pair of deep-fried dough sticks will do?

Since midnight your Facebook page has been flooding with best wishes and blessings from your fans all over the world. An extensive feature on Oriental Daily News and The Sun also drives me to the brink of tears. What an assortment of emotions it is to read what your friends, disciples and ex-boyfriend say about you! Even though there is nothing new or surprising. Still, I find myself almost drowned in the tides of sadness, remembrances and an irrecoverable sense of loss. You know I have always been sceptical of people talking about you in public and the behaviour itself, feeling extremely awkward and even questioning why it is often presented in a way as if it is a pretext of showing off someone or something. But I find it even harder to disregard all these remarks as if they never exist, because it is almost the only occasion on which I can read about you.

Worse still, it was reported today that some of your personal belongings and collection items will be put up for auction on Saturday. I can almost foresee these trivial but treasured items will scatter around the world and vanish into the air like many long lost treasures of imperial China.

I can hardly utter a word but give a long sigh of regret and sorrow.

We have already lost a Godsend angel like you. Now some of your personal belongings filled with fond memories, also the trivial cues of our remembrance of you, are about to fall into anonymous hands from all over the world. Before long these may perish, never to be found again.

What can we do to help? Or is it you who want to wipe out all those retrieval cues of the past so that you can put your mind in peace? Or is it yet another example of the old saying in Yuan drama, "Good things do not last; coloured clouds disperse easily and glass shatters"?

In any event, enjoy your great day. Have fun!

Truly yours,

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