Wednesday, 26 February 2014

We Need Cure for the Heart

A couple of years ago I have already lamented about the city where I was born and bred. I feel more detached from it than ever, or it has simply changed so fast and thoroughly that I find it harder and harder to catch up with, let alone making some sense of it. I try to stay away from the populism and keep a cool head among the peers, despite the risk of being misunderstood or misperceived. But things only get worse over time. And there is little sign of awareness or recognition that we are being dragged into a dangerous direction.

What happened this morning proves that the situation has deteriorated more rapidly than I can possibly imagine. That Mr Kevin Lau Chun-to, former editor-in-chief of Ming Pao Daily News was stabbed with six serious wounds on a busy street in Sai Wan Ho was shocking, outrageous and horrendous. No one in this city who truly believes in justice, morality and the rule of law would find it acceptable. It has nothing to do with freedom of the press or speech. It is a shameless challenge to the rule of law and human conscience. It is hardly surprising that the shocking news has hit the headlines globally.

Again I refrain from speculating the causes of such a gruesome act. What is the point of doing so when a man is struggling to survive? First things should come first. Let's pray for Mr Lau's speedy recovery. Let’s pray for justice to be done with the earliest possible solution of the violent crime. Let's express our strongest condemnation of violence and violation of human rights. Whatever the causes may be, it is by no means justifiable to teach someone you hate a lesson with such bloodshed and violence. When vicious verbal attacks and bullying are way too much for reasonable tolerance, how can we tolerate violence for any fellow human being?

Indeed, freedom of speech in Hong Kong is under unprecedented threat. But it does not necessarily come from some perceived gigantic authorities hidden somewhere, but more so among the ordinary people hanging around. The online community and the news media that closely monitor the latest fads online have virtually become another centre of power for arbitrary justice. Aren’t we familiar with cases in which someone becomes a victim of verbal abuse, online bullying with their identity put under public scrutiny simply because he/she has spoken something stupid or outrageous? His/her remarks may be unpleasant, irresponsible or nonsense, but who are we to give a verdict and punishment for what someone says? When so many of us are defending our right to speak up and freedom from fear, why are we denying the right and freedom of those with whom we disagree? Why should I bother to speak my mind anymore when I know too well my disagreement with the prevalent views will not be tolerated, let alone respected, but invites ruthless attacks from the anonymous who claim upholding justice? Whose justice is that?

What we urgently need, therefore, is not only a solution to work out how we should get along with our new master, but, more importantly, a prescription to cure our contaminated heart and mind.


  1. I am glad to know that you recovered from the hurt of the wild guess and rumour.
    You are right, the heart and mind of many people in the city are contaminated by their desire of more money, fame, power......
    Obviously, someone has hired professional killer to attack Kevin Lau.

    1. Thanks, but when such damage is done there is little I can do to recover it. All I can do is to try to forget it and keep moving.

  2. 手段殘忍,動機未明。

    1. 實在無法接受香港發生如此血案,令人髮指。

  3. Anonymous1:06 am

    In recent days I pray for your speedy recovery from the hurts of mistaken identity. Now I pray for Mr. Lau for his speedy recovery from the senseless violent attack.

    Perhaps I am too cynical to say that this kind of evil actions happened before and will happen again. I am thinking of Germany in the 1930’s.

    Ontario, Canada

    1. Thank you Samson. Actually the mistaken identity is one thing, connecting my pen name with real name and workplace, and launching malicious verbal assaults is another. But I guess there is little to do except putting up with it.
      The good news is that Mr Lau's condition has reportedly improved.
      There is always a dark side in humanity, and I'm not surprised that it sometimes takes over. What truly worries me is that most people seem to be so used to the strategy of bundling and hijacking issues for their own benefit in the name of high-sounding principles. The world is turning upside down and more confusing than ever. When you try to point out anything wrong, you then become the target of attack. Freedom of expression has now become a joke because the freedom of sharing a different view is often punished by verbal, mental and even physical attack, like Mr Lau's case. And this is perhaps what has happened to me.


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