Thursday, 20 November 2014

On Seven Years

This month marks the beginning of the eighth year since I moved out to live by myself. The anniversary has just passed a few days ago.

Indeed, much has changed since then, including my priorities of life and what I have come across and got over. Apparently there were ups and downs, sadness and happiness, you name it. Yet I am most grateful for what I have been given, for each encounter, good or bad, did teach me something and help me become a better person.

Over the last weekend, warm, sunny days with a gust of cool wind from the north every now and then, I went for walks in the parks nearby. Saturday began with a tasty brunch of full English breakfast in a small café in the neighbourhood after a long-due eight-hour carefree, deep sleep. Then I spent two hours walking around the large park designed after traditional Chinese gardens to practise photography. On Sunday afternoon I took a good friend to a refurbished and conserved historical site for exhibitions, where we also took some pictures of the signature lotus blossoms.

Picking up photography seriously is certainly one of the achievements in which I take pride over the past seven years. Moving from an automatic digital camera to mirrorless gadget and then now a mid-range digital single-lens reflex camera in less than a year was perhaps hardly surprising, but it is indeed quite an experience for someone who is not afraid of technology but never really has any interest in it. Switching from P mode to M mode via Av and knowing what ISO, aperture and shutter speed mean is also a big leap forward for myself. This doesn’t mean I am now good at photography whatsoever, yet it seems more and more enjoyable over time as I can immerse myself in playing around and trying out different ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings in order to create the visual effects desired. I am most grateful that this is yet another enjoyable and self-fulfilling distraction for my always entangled mind.

Thanks to the positive outcomes of the problems of those whom I love, which have plagued us over the past year or so, the weekend walks were most enjoyable in terms of tranquillity of mind, as if there is nothing to bother or worry about, which is very unusual for me. I can't even remember when it last existed. Certainly it doesn't mean my mind is empty, but it just feels good to have the unpleasant, unwanted stuff removed and in its place the freedom of emptiness.


  1. 你附近公園,有不少攝影題材呢.

    1. 是啊,公園一年四季景色不同,練習拍照挺不錯的。

  2. Anonymous3:21 am

    Carpe diem

    Ontario, Canada


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